10 Bizarre Ways To Actually Use Eggshells


Natural Ways / YouTube


When people cook with eggs, they generally throw away their shells. I always used to throw them out, that is until I found out that they can actually be very useful.

Here are 10 of my favorite ways to actually use eggshells. 



Broken eggshell pieces can be used to scrub off food on pots and pans, dirt on the inside of a skinny-necked vase, and more. The pieces are abrasive and will get off any junk you need to get rid of.

Sweeten Coffee

Okay, I know this one sounds crazy, but if you boil some eggshells then steep them in your coffee, it’ll get rid of some of the bitterness in your coffee. It’ll taste sweeter without any sugar!

Make A Calcium Supplement

If you boil some eggshells, let them dry, then grind them into a fine powder, you can add it to any drink you’d like to give yourself a calcium boost. You can also add it to your dog’s food, or even chicken feed to boost them too!

Use Them In Your Garden

Sprinkle some broken eggshells around your plants to ward off pests, or grind it into a powder and sprinkle it in your soil to prevent blossom end rot. You can even use them as mini planters!

Whiten Clothes

Toss some eggshells and lemon slices in a fine mesh lingerie bag, then wash them with your white clothes to up the brightness!

Knife Sharpener

Freeze your eggshells rock solid. Then, gently run your knives over the egg shells, and it’ll sharpen the blade!

Help Catch Food In Your Sink

If you throw some eggshell pieces into your kitchen sink strainer, it’ll help catch more food bits that would go down your drain, and possibly clog it, otherwise.

Make A Mosaic

By using eggshell pieces and some cement or clay, you can make an expensive-looking piece of art. No one will guess it’s made of eggshells!

Make Fake Geodes

You can use eggshells, alum powder, some water, and some food coloring to make realistic-looking geodes. Check out how to DIY that by clicking here.

Stop A Toothache

Apparently, if you mix equal parts of eggshell powder and comfrey root, then put it on a sore tooth or spot on your gums, it’ll relieve the pain!


Who knew eggshells could be so useful? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not throwing away my shells anymore!

Do you know any other ways to use eggshells?