10 Plant-Inspired Embroidery Stitches Perfect For Spring


Baroudi Broderie / YouTube


Ultimate Embroidery

I love embroidery. You can use it to decorate jackets, skirts, and any other garments, or you could make an embroidery piece to hang on the wall.


Not only is it multipurpose, but it’s easy and fun to do as well. YouTube channel¬†Baroudi Broderie makes the whole process easy with a video tutorial!

Here are 10 stitches that are perfect for spring. They look like leaves and flowers, fitting a botanical theme that only spring emulates.

Flat Stitch

The flat stitch is one of the easiest stitches in my opinion. Begin at the top from the underside, then form an “x” with it, the top more open and large than the bottom.

Once the “x” is formed and the thread is back on the other side, you’ll move the thread over a bit and repeat the process, making a larger “x” that has the same offset look.

You’ll continue doing this until you’re done! The video below gives you more tips and tricks for this stitch.

Satin Stitch

Staring from the underside of the fabric, poke the needle upward, then over to the other side. Push it back under on the parallel spot, then repeat the process, making uniform stitches that form a line.

If you want to learn about the padded satin stitch, a variation of the original satin stitch, then watch Baroudi Broderie‘s video below.

Fishbone Stitch

This fishbone stitch is one of the most leaf-like stitches once it’s finished. Like many other stitches, start from the bottom, then go vertically down at an angle, and poke through the top.

When you poke through the top, go down and at an angle, forming a rounded shape as you go. There’s also a rounded fishbone stitch that you can learn by watching the video below.


There are some other stitches you can learn through this awesome tutorial, too: the stem stitch, the shading, the bullion stitch, the long & short stitch, the cretan stitch, and the raised fishbone stitch.

If you want to become an embroidery expert, watch Baroudi Broderie‘s video below and get started. It’s way easier than you’d think!