10 Frizz-Fighting Hacks That Kick Flyaways To The Curb


MakeupbyAmarie / YouTube


I know a lot of people who deal with this common hair issue: frizz. No one wants it. That is, unless they’re trying to be Hermione Granger for Halloween.

So what do you do when you have frizz? There are a ton of tricks I’ve picked up throughout the years, but these ten are by far my favorites.


If you have frizz, give some of these a try, and say hello to smooth, silky hair!

1. Use A Shampoo & Conditioner That Fights Against Humidity

One of the first things you can do to fight against frizz is using a shampoo and conditioner designed to do just that!

2. Use A Hair Mask At Least Once A Week To Lock In Moisture

Using a hair mask locks in moisture, strengthens the hair, and makes it less likely that frizz will want to make an appearance. You can try one of my favorite DIY masks by clicking here.

3. Don’t Use A Towel– Use A MicroFiber Hair Wrap Or Cotton T-Shirt

If you use a regular towel on your hair when you get out of the shower, stop! This can cause way more frizz than necessary. Use a hair wrap or cotton t-shirt instead.

4. Don’t Use A Regular Hair Brush

Using a regular hair brush after you shower can cause some major breakage, making more flyaways in the long run. If you use a comb or a wet brush, working from the bottom up to detangle, you’re better off.

5. Wet Your Hair Again After Brushing

Wetting your hair again after you brush it allows your hair to dry again as if it was completely undisturbed. The more you mess with your hair, the more frizz.

6. Rinse With Cold Water, & Blow Dry With Cool Air As Much As Possible

Heat opens up the hair’s cuticle, which allows it to either take in or lose nutrients (that’s why heat is great for hair masks!) Using cold water seals the cuticle, which doesn’t allow anything in or out.

7. Use Hair Oil Right After Getting Out Of The Shower

Oil locks in moisture, so if you use a few drops right out of the shower, it should do a pretty good job of getting rid of frizz. Go light and then build with this. Too much, and you can look greasy.

8. Use A Dryer Sheet Or Lotion

When your hair is dry, take a dryer sheet and smooth it over your hair to get rid of any hairs that are sticking out. A small pump of lotion can also do this job.

9. Don’t Use Thin Rubber Hair Bands, Use Thick Ones Covered In Fabric

Thin, uncovered rubber bands are harsh on hair and can cause breakage. The more broken hairs you have, the frizzier it looks. Stick to covered bands instead.

10. Use A Toothbrush With Hairspray To Tame Flyaways

When all else fails, hairspray prevails. Using a toothbrush (one you don’t use, of course,) doused in hairspray on those flyaways should put them in their place.


No matter the cause of your frizz, you’ll find something that works for you here. Smooth hair is just one hack away!