Baste A Quilt With $1 Pool Noodles


Stash Bandit: Diane Harris/ YouTube, Allfoodrecipes / YouTube


Basting Essentials

Basting is an essential part of making any quilt. Whether it’s big or small, intricate or simple, basting is a step you just cannot afford to skip.


I’ve found all sorts of basting techniques over the years, but this one takes the cake, especially during the summer time… basting with pool noodles!

If they aren’t already outside by the pool, head to your nearest dollar store and pick up some pool noodles, because you’ll be using them a lot more once you see this cool hack.

I found this super cool hack from Stash Bandit: Diane Harris on YouTube, and she makes it beyond simple for any quilter to do. I can’t believe I never thought of this sooner!

How It’s Done

Before anything, Diane modified two pool noodles to allow them to be connected, but even if you don’t know her connection method, you can connect them with some duct tape instead.

In addition to your pool noodles, you’ll need a large space to roll them out on in order to get the fabrics together while you baste. It allows you to smooth the quilt section by section!

Along with pool noodles, you can use PVC piping, bamboo sticks, or any long cylindrical item to do this. As long as you use the same technique, anything is fine. 

Though you can watch Diane in action in the video above, you may want some more details. If so, watch JoAnn Harvey’s take on this by watching the video below. Either way, this hack is genius!